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My ping list is an announcement Discord server which notifies members whenever I open for
commission, adoptables, & my online shop!
If you'd like to join, DM me on social media to receive the invite code.
You can find my active sites on the icon buttons on the top of my main menu. ᵔ ᴥ ᵔ


I'm Kell ᵔ ᴥ ᵔI'm a non-binary masculine (he/him or it/its) full-time artist working in my apartment south of Seattle. I've been freelancing officially since 2019, and making art, characters, and comics as a hobby for over 20 years.I like to draw, sing, decorate my space, & collect various treasures. I collect music vinyls, posters, & rare mp3s from my faves, retro Nintendo plushies & pokemon toys, and furry artwork/badges. I'm part of the furry subculture and have been loving it since 2019! I always make sure to attend Anthro Northwest, so if you're dropping in come say hello!

✏️Supplier Resources
🏷️Acrylic charms / plush charms - VOGRACE.COM
So many options, great prices and minimum order quantity. Highly recommended! Turnaround time is never too long. Great customer support too!
I flip-flop between these sites depending on what type of job I want. Catprint has options for more "out there" types of prints (odd dimensions, folding, holographic prints, etc) and Printkeg is extremely fast.
🫧Stickers - STICKERAPP.COM📃Sticker Sheets - STICKERNINJA.COM🏠Homemade Stickers - Drawn or printed on sticker paper. Laminated with transparent adhesive vinyl (can be found online, I get mine from etsy). Cut by hand.🖨️Printer / Scanner - HP Officejet Pro 6978🖊️Ink pens & Sketchbooks - JETPENS.COM🎨Copic Markers & Pencils - DICKBLICK.COM✏️Art Tablet - HUION H610 PRO V2🎨 Digital Art Program - PAINT TOOL SAI

Contact me through telegram @ScheppenI'll only reply to messages inquiring about commissions, my ping list, adopts, or questions about my shop, so be sure to let me know what you're here for in your first message!